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As a couple of commentators have already mentioned "promoting gay lifestyles" is a canard helped along by the likes of section 28 legislation and ex-gay movements. If you have no ready existing instinct to be gay, I seriously doubt most kids would feel the urge to be, regardless of 'promotion'. You can take a horse to water but you can't make it gay. "Really? Can I be ostrasised in the playground, have my sexuality treated as an abhoration not to be seen or heard, listen to other kids use the term 'gay' as a synonymn for 'crap' or 'rubbish', be beaten up and bullied on a regular basis if I don't live up to some caricature of hetro-male behaviour, have to go through the mental turmoil of outing myself or otherwise go through what might be decades of crushing denial, guilt and self-enforced celibacy? Where do I sign up?" If gayness had been an option at school, I would've simply chosen to be straight as the path of least resistance. Just one problem, to coin a phrase 'I can't even think straight'! So what I experienced was closer to the above. Thanks Focus on the family... it's so good to know you want to nip my personal expression in the bud. I pity any gay kids you might have (and statistically, there's always going to be a few).

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