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And what is more important: putting a rapist right with his earthly victim and with outraged society as a whole, or putting him right with God?

Of course Paula – you can sin only against god and the confession accompanied by the payment of tithe/ donations/ indulgences wash you white in front of god for the only thing that matters : eternal life in heaven sitting on a cloud and playing harp.

the perceived abuse of a wafer counts for more than the actual abuse of real, human, flesh and blood.

Surely the raw flesh (wafer) and divine blood (wine) of the holy Eucharist - the union with god - are way more important than the blood of the torn sphincter of a little altar boy in his ‘union’ with the raping priests.

Now you start to understand the concept of ‘absolute morality’ from Christians- which a wicked priests from the Scottish highlands were promoting here on RD.NET some years back : temporary earthly life is useless, existence is all about sin against god. That’s why Catholic Adolf Hitler was never excommunicated – because he believed he is doing gods will, revenge Jesus with the holocaust and with Jesus everything goes (robbery, theft, rape, murder....) as long you only continue to believe.

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