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A clear, well-written and thoughtful piece of writing.

However, I think that in attributing the Vatican's totally inadequate response to child sexual abuse as being primarily due to a sincere but mistaken perception of what is most important, Paula is being too lenient.

"As soon as we understand that canon law deals only with sin and the 'drama of redemption'.......everything about the shameful non-response of the Vatican falls into place and becomes clear"

I tend to think that 'Drosera' (Comment no. 4) has it about right;

".....the Vatican is only interested in the Vatican. People who so openly betray the teachings of Jesus in the most cynical fashion can't really believe in all that nonsense about sin and Heaven and Hell. They are parasites pure and simple".

The idea that the Vatican protects itself from scandal for the ultimate benefit of the 'souls of the faithful' is to overlook the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is a cynical Mafia-style protection racket concerned with money, power and the vested interests of its hierarchy.

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