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The answer, it turns out, is simple. The Vatican is not interested in crime. The Vatican is only interested in sin.

Well, blow me down! Who would have thought it! Does anyone really need to read Geoffrey Robertson's book to find this out?

Maybe I'm being a bit uncharitable here, but I can remember points things being discussed in religious instruction lessons back in the 60's. This is just a statement of standard Roman Catholic position. What do you think members of the Catholic hierarchy mean when they when they say a bishop acted out of concern for the spiritual well-being of abuse victims? Do I have to spell it out? I will anyway:

  1. The victim may have cooperated in some way. This sin on the part of the victim is far more important than possibility that the abuser broke the secular law.
  2. Since it is guaranteed, by God himself, in Matthew 16:18 that the Church as a whole cannot (not does not but cannot) err, it is grave sin for a Catholic to bring its name into disrepute. The victim must be protected from committing this sin even if this involves breaking the secular law.

Most of them are not being disingenuous when they speak of spiritual well-being etc. They trained to think like that; that's what seven years study in a seminary does to them!

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