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I would go one step further, and say that the Vatican is only interested in the Vatican. People who so openly betray the teachings of Jesus in the most cynical fashion can't really believe in all that nonsense about sin and Heaven and Hell.

There is no doubt there are those in the Catholic hierarchy who are cynically exploiting the situation. But has it occurred to you to wonder why so few clergy have broken ranks and condemned the church's actions? Many of them think they are acting in accordance with the teachings of Jesus and can quote you passages of scripture to back up this claim. It is Catholic doctrine that is the real problem. It creates a fertile ground for the exploiters to exploit, a camouflage for their actions, and a convenient object for them to hide behind. Is it just coincidence that the only prominent Catholic theologian to openly criticise the RCC over its handling of child abuse is one who disagrees with the standard Catholic interpretation of passages such as Matthew 16:18?

It is all very well to say that a Catholic cleric acts out of concern for his job or concern for the Vatican or the reputation of the church. There are such people in all sorts of other organisations all round the world. The difference is that in these other organisations those around them see them for what they are. In the Catholic Church, however, such concerns are seen as being mandated by God himself and acting out of such concerns is seen to be the only possible righteous action. To say that someone put the reputation of the Church above concern for the well-being of victims of abuse is not, according to Catholic theology, a criticism; it is merely to say they acted as they should have done.

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