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Superb Paula.

Ye shall know them by their fruits.

I've argued for some time about the logical connection between spirituality and harm in this world, and you highlight it here:

This is what happens when people surrender themselves to the pernicious idea that ‘spiritual’ matters should take precedence over earthly ones.

To be honest, I think their position is entirely understandable; if one believes in the soul one should value it over the flesh. But one shouldn't believe in the soul unless one has a very good reason to! And they don't, which renders their position wicked.

This is interesting:

The Vatican is not interested in crime. The Vatican is only interested in sin.

Is it a little hyperbolic? I'll wait for my copy of the book to arrive before pronouncing. I'm sure Catholics by and large are interested in crime; they just rate it less important than sin for the reasons given above.

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