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I'm sure Catholics by and large are interested in crime; they just rate it less important than sin for the reasons given above.

Of course Catholics are interested in crime and many of them think, contrary to all available evidence, that crime rates would fall if we all converted to Catholicism. To the RC Canon Law takes precedence over Secular Law. For instance a Catholic who sued his parish priest over £50 he was owed could, in theory, be excommunicated if he had not first obtained his bishop's permission. In this case it would be unlikely to happen because even to most crotchety old theological pedant would appreciate that this would be almost universally ridiculed. However the RCC still asserts its "right" in principle to do this and does assert and act on this so-called "right" and does threaten to excommunicate those who would take action against in Secular courts - and, I believe, not just in child-abuse cases.

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