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This is a clear example where leadership fails completely. The Pope sides not with the victims but with the victimisers.

Actually, Pope Ratzo isn't siding with the victimisers. He's siding with the sinners.

As Paula pointed out in a recent article, the rcc's concern is strictly for the souls of those who are (in the church's eyes) the real victims -- those poor, sinful priests. This explains the pope's reluctance to allow these perverts to face secular authorities. Sin (in this case, the sin of adultery) is a church matter; no police allowed.

I've said it before. If the rcc is interested only in the souls of sinners -- only in the spiritual, even to the total rejection of secular authority -- then the rcc has no claim to ANYTHING secular, like, for example, most of the greatest art on the planet, ermine robes, Prada shoes (red, no less), or sovereign nation status. AND, they have to stay away from my night stand (especially the top drawer, under the box of tissues).

Ya can't have it both ways, Ratzo.

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