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It makes me wonder, actually, why a newspaper like the Sunday Times feels the need to ask a pro-catholic writer to do a review of this book. Why is the Times unthinkingly pro-catholic? What editorial agenda does that serve? How does that make Rupert Murdoch even wealthier?

Is it a very generalised conservatism thing? That their target audience is generally of a knee-jerk pro-religion bent? Does Murdoch feel some kind of solidarity with an obscenely wealthy right-wing billionaire like the pope, or is he just convinced that any organisation spreading a don't-question-the-authority-figures attitude is good for his slimy business? Is it thought that taking a pro-catholic line is somehow controversial or brave, and therefore might sell more papers? Is it just because Robertson has left-leaning sympathies himself, and therefore must be made to seem of questionable judgement?

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