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Everyone knows that Wojtila has nominated only Opus Dei members for cardinal

This is incorrect. Opus Dei works like a Church within a Church and has its own "purer" version of Catholicism. The rules of Opus Dei do not allow an ordained priest to join presumably because the organisation has had no control over what he was taught in seminary. To become a priest in Opus Dei you have to already be a member and are vetted for a number of years to make sure of your orthodoxy, and, even then, you cannot volunteer to be one, you have to be invited.

This is what the Opus Dei web site has to say:

The priests of the Prelature come from the laymen of Opus Dei: numeraries and associates who are freely disposed to be priests and, after years of belonging to the Prelature and having done the studies required for priesthood, are invited by the Prelate to receive holy orders. Their main pastoral ministry is to serve the faithful of the Prelature and the apostolic activities promoted by them.

The "Prelature", by the way is Opus Dei itself, "numeraries and associates" are different types of member, numeraries living in Opus Dei communities and associates not. The studies referred take place at Opus Dei centres.

Ratzinger was on the liberal wing of the Catholic Church as a young man and would not have been acceptable as a member of Opus Dei. He would not have been allowed to join after ordination. He was, however, appointed Cardinal by Wojtila.

I know an Opus Dei member who regards Ratzinger as a dangerous liberal.

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