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Rtambree wrote "Yes, bring Alistair McGrath within firing range of Hitchens - that'll be interesting. The trouble is McGrath's beliefs are so vague and his statements so vacuous, it will be a challenge for Hitchens to score points."

Very true. Alistair McGrath's beliefs do seem to be vague, ambiguous, and vacuous. He talks like he is a deist or pantheistic and then moves on to a sort of pseudo Christianity. Then asserts that he relates to Christianity because , WAIT FOR IT "IT MAKES SENSE TO HIM". This is their great intellectual, their great theologian. It makes sense to him. Seriously?

Who wants to put 5 quid on McGrath mentioning C.S. Lewis in the debate with Hitchens. He has done it in the 4-5 debates I have seen him in.

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