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Some guy walks into the Betty Crocker school of Broadcasting and Rehab center with a drug (pick your poison) addiction. Wherein, his hook on the aforementioned poison is substantially reduced. Then at the door he turns and asks,"What do I replace it with? I'm lost."

Do we offer another drug or something spiritually related to a drug. OK, Howzabout we offer the bean sprout and tofu diet of Reason as an alternative. "Not me, but I came by it naturally - I love the stuff" (not tofu eww). Remember he was not attracted to rational thought originally, thus his slide into the opiate den.

How do we show him the world through eyes of wonder, instill in him 'a skeptic's ear'. Can we impress upon him that there is nothing "materialistic" about the makeup and majesty of the universe? Should we?

For me, it came from the woods, I mean, how everything fit together; bird, eggs, nest, branch, tree, grass, leaves, pond, tadpoles, frogs, rain, stars, sky, bird and me running around like a cherub (I was very young). In the world of man the pieces of the puzzle did not fit together so well, it was flat out confounding.

After our reformed addict realizes the pieces of the puzzle don't fit and we remind him to stay away from any other "misfits" he might encounter. Might it be enough, to show him the door to enlightenment and let him discover the world anew. May we even hope that he might take a friend?

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