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Who wants to put 5 quid on McGrath mentioning C.S. Lewis in the debate with Hitchens. He has done it in the 4-5 debates I have seen him in

I don't have 5 quid, but it would be a mistake… Hitchens loves to quote CS Lewis in his book, so Hitchens will be one step ahead.

But please, where has Hitchens gotten facts wrong (pertaining to religion)?

Now I like Hitchen's I really do, but reading his book ("God is not great") – he has got his facts wrong in areas that I can question him (He needs to look up on his science) and when he can misquote science, it worries me about his other "facts".

So, no - I cannot point you to areas where Hitchen's is wrong on religion – but I can point out areas incorrect in his book on science. Does this mean he does not check his facts before writing? Could he make similar mistakes on other matters – probably.

Do I care while he is shouting at the theist?


Tue, 10 Jul 2007 04:16:00 UTC | #52012