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It is wonderful to learn that Hitchen's book is a runaway seller in so many countries including Australia where I live. However, to my great chagrin, Hitchen mentioned that his book is banned in Malaysia, probably the first Muslim country to have done so.

I have lived in Malaysia for many years and am quite surprised by the ban, being a moderate Islamic country with many inherited British institutions (although many have been watered down, like the independence of the judiciary, political jerry meandering, racism against the Chinese). It just shows how insecure the Islamists are feeling against the onslaught of rationalist thinking.

I am sure Singapore, a much more progressive country does not have a ban. Hence, you can be sure many educated Malaysians (especially those not of the Muslim faith) can still access a copy of the book by just making a short trip across the causeway.

I think the Malaysian government has by banning the book, inadvertently make it a best seller in Malaysia.

Tue, 10 Jul 2007 04:53:00 UTC | #52022