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This woman misses the point completely, descending into the child language she attacks people like Dawkins for. Atheists have nothing against consenting adults believing whatever they want in their private time but when religious organisations have control over 36% of our schools and are allowed to preach whatever they want in religion lessons, when the C of E has 26 automatically placed bishops in the House of Lords and when religion gets tax-breaks that no-one else can receive, that is unacceptable.

The Catholic Church goes around declaring scientific falsehoods over contraception to get its own way. Even now, it uses Canon law to judge its own, leading to a mass cover-up when ALL cases should have been referred to the secular authorities. The Pope and other Catholics wield considerable political influence on the basis of a baseless belief. The Catholic Church preaches to the world that it alone has the correct moral code and it preaches that it alone knows the truth. As long as it does all these things and more, protest is entirely justified.

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