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IMO it isn't a good article. I dig better stuff than this into my roses. This is the sort of journalism that makes me wince. The Roman Catholic Church is reactionary, repressive, authoritarian and corrupt. I know, I was bought up in it, though not, fortunately, buggered by any of the priests with whom I came into contact. It, RCC, also requires its members to believe some laughably incredible nonsense eg transubstation (what? How can anyone believe that a priest, perhaps just having left the vestry where he has been abusing some poor child, can walk up to a piece of unleavened bread, mutter some words at it and turn it into God. Beyond ludicrous I think.) Did anyone hear the lady on the BBC Today program this morning? Raped by her family priest at age thirteen and her mother, coming into the room just afterwards and finding her daughter sobbing and bleeding tells her that it is part of God's plan and to pray for the priest. Now that is what I call wicked. And encapsulates my view of the RCC.

Sat, 18 Sep 2010 10:38:38 UTC | #520485