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It strikes me Janice Taylor is condoning her own emotional indulgence into a spiritual cocktail; blending current legal issues; historic man-made problems; her personal neediness for a legitimate sky-god morality, and a subconscious willingness to abandon intellectual rigour for a pickled potion of a universal, all knowing, worldwide expert sky-god who dispatches post-it notes all over 'world religions' (including specific ones for catholic leaders) in some unexplained majesty plan that somehow, someway will all come good so long as we let it.

And this in spite of the traditional few thousand years of missed opportunities to get the sky-god notes consistent, equitable, charitable, benevolent and loving for an ever increasing population whose versions of the 'mind of god' defy any such possibility.

Janice, let's get this conversation back to the very basic beginnings of your accidental 'spirituality of birth' and explore the very basic tenets of why you 'feel' what you think rather than the reverse. If you are capable of doing that ( I genuinely don't mean to insult you in this regard - I know only too well how impossible it can be) then we may have the opportunity for a very rational discourse.

You see, I think, fundamentally, most believers and lapsed believers submit to a shadow of faith - a sort of nobody knows so 'Let's go along with those who claim to!', kind of etiquette. A brainless sincerity which suits their lifestyle and lets them get along without the intellectual responsibility for what 'belief' is truly claiming - that it is unquestionable and from an all powerful source. My finding is that it quite the reverse. Your position is the only position that provides it ANY power. The none thinking, all accepting, pass the parcel, I'm doing very well thank you kind of comfort zone that almost ALL of us humans love and submit to the 'feel good' of so well.

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