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Well my feelings have already been pretty much put by several posters already, but I'll just register myself as another who thinks that this article is insulting bunkum. It seems to equate secularism with atheism, and both with support for rampant laissez-faire capitalism ("[Secularism] might concede that the Pope has a point that secular values have struggled in the past decade when morality was wholly defined by the free market.") This is a silly common fallacy. Laissez-faire capitalism was, however, far better supported by the Catholic Blair's New Labour project, and the Wall Street clowns and the Christian US government who supported them for so long (and, to a large extent, continue to do so).

Funny, isn't it, how religion has gotten things its own way for thousands of years. What she's talking about is what the non-religious have had to endure for that time (and worse). It can't be for more than a couple of decades that strong atheism has finally begun to make its mark in the public sphere, and already the religious are squealing loudly about our daring to criticize some aspects of their faith, and whether it should be preached to children at school. If anything, this shows us that we're getting somewhere and need to push our message further and wider, not quieten down like good little puppies.

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