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Victimisation, hypocrisy, spurious claims generalisations; her article has them all!

Anyone who's ever read the bible word for word, page for page, knows that it's anything but defensible. The general gist is "lots of people think the Pope's visit is nice so don't you dare rain on their parade". What I found particularly laughable was her apologist attitude towards the downright embarrassing comments of the Pope and RCC in general of late:

"The recent railings of look-at-me blowhards such as Hitchens and Dawkins are, in part, the reason why Benedict XVI arrived in Britain with his unapologetically re-evangelising message."

She's clearly not in a rational state of mind. She has misunderstood secularism, and she has misunderstood the means by which we try to attain it. This "anger" is frustration. Frustration that 2000 years after their little fairy tale was written, the Church still has the capacity to get the final say over the State as worst, and at best it influences each and every major moral decision made (though this is not exclusive to the RCC).

The fact is, in an increasingly diverse/multi-religious/multicultural world, you can't have a "Christian country", or a "Christian town" without offending someone. Secularism is -not- the desire to abolish religion. It is the desire to keep it out of the public domain and in doing so, greatly reduce the intolerance we see on a daily basis, as well increasing the potential for a tolerant society. As per usual, however, this Pope is scaremongering to the point of saying that those without religion/God will inevitably be responsible for a repeat of WW2.

He has, however, been consistently shooting himself in the foot during this visit, and, as Napoleon one said, "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake". With our "government" making sure that there is as little interruption as possible, as well as our media cherry-picking what they support (i.e. omitting much of the protesting), it seems Napoleon's words of advice will prove fruitful.

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