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"The Secret" authors are a bunch of MLM-ing assholes. I didn't need quantum theory lessons to figure out their line of lies. Their most important "wish" is prosperity, money, but it so happens that they become rich by selling a book which tells people that they can make money by wishful thinking and another book which tells people the same thing all over again. That's Multi Level Marketing (pyramid/ponzi scheme) and it's all bullshit (to quote Penn & Teller)!

Another "funny" issue with their mind over quantum field theories is that just believing really hard in something will make it happen, but you have to believe with all your "heart", no hold backs, no doubt. ...... Well, we have such people, and you can visit them in mental hospitals and asylums. There are people who believe 100% in really strange stuff with powerful visions and feelings. What about them? Why isn't The Universe making their reality happen? No Peter Pan effect?

Tue, 21 Sep 2010 16:57:59 UTC | #522817