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Dean Buchanan's Avatar Jump to comment 11 by Dean Buchanan third contribution to the gene pool will be going to high school in 5 years. He already knows that mom and dad are atheists, can't really help that because we are honest in answering his questions (btw, he is very diplomatic at not letting the little kids know about 'Santa', I feel so proud).

Belonging to a group seems to be one of the most important self-appointed tasks of both middle and high schoolers. A group like this could help answer that question for him, at least partially.

Not that I'm forcing atheism on him Professor Dawkins (he says hastily), it is just that my son is beginning to see through the....number 2, poop, etc.
I am going to have to contribute more to the SSA.

Tue, 21 Sep 2010 23:20:23 UTC | #523052