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What the heck is new Atheism? We're not using any new arguments to refute religion; we don't have to because the religious can never think of any new arguments in favour of religion. It's not as if we're attempting drastic new approaches to religious claims that have always been unanswered. It's not like any of the supposed new Atheists are finally answering the ontological argument which up until now had baffled all with its stupefying circular logic. Intelligent people knew religion was fraudulent long before Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens, or even Bertrand Russell came along. Atheism is the default state to which humans are set. It only exists as a term so long as theism exists, and theism only exists so long as people are ignorant to the facts, and manipulated by the fraudulent. The so called New Atheists are only around to try and educate the ignorant and vanquish the fraudulent.

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