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Religion anticipates and expects, from every human, a degree of unearned respect and loyal sincerity, toward various 'characters of divinity' as if they really existed, and in spite of each one playing the (imaginary) role of cosmic, unchallengeable, unquestionable authority.

In this respect the record is being set straight by those bold enough and clear sighted enough to spot a potion of emotional and intellectual bullying when they see it. It is to confront the 'bully' of old, the seducer of reason and withholder of intellectual transparency.

It is due such characters holding so much of humanity to ransom over their hopes and dreams and imaginary reincarnations that it is afforded the power to keep on derailing sincere attempts to build alternative realities based upon - reason and reality!

Humans all too often are seduced by virtual reality to replace their perceived boredom of what really exists. It's far lazier and thus easier, even entertaining, to follow another's wild imaginings than to sit with the intellectual responsibility of resisting it. To romance is more fashionable than to not. To confuse romance with reality seems intellectually more exciting than to hold fast reason and objectivity. To pass on myth more amusing than to pass on truth. To deceive darkly satisfying than to hold fast virtue. All the above morph their legacies from generation to generation, and it is these fossils of human emotion and consciousness that are being dug from our inherited souls by those seeing how. The strata of the past and the geology of humanity is being slowly uncovered and put on show!

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