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I don't really understand what "Atheist buttery" is yet....

But due to severe emotional abuse growing up in a catholic family/community science/written language I always struggled with, that part of my brain seemed not to understand science, but I still accepted science to be accurate e.t.c and did not question the findings of science.

So When I met my partner whom is a "God does not comput" kinda guy, he was angered when he read the God Delusion and could not see why the need to sugar coat the messages that God doesn't exist and why people need to think he does, but for me it was the turning point in my life, and it helped activate the voice of reason in my head (which had NEVER been activated growing up, infact it was shot down many times lol)

It was almost like my mind could suddenly understand everything, even if I still struggled explaining myself or writing it down.

To understand Why people "think" they need religion helped me greatly confidently come out as an atheist and deal with the rejection from my family and friends e.t.c e.t.c

I think the tide is turning, I can't see future generations not being a problem (with secular schooling), but I do feel sorry for all my friends and family still trapped in catholic guilt today, they get soooooooooo easily offended by any of my points of view on religion, yet they are addicted to asking me questions about what I think and why? it's like I'm a dirty little secret for them....their "Atheist" friend lol

They would never pick up on new science studies, but they pick up on everything I say to them, it's just the "God doesn't exist" bit that makes them cry (because they pray to their dead relatives a lot), but everything else they are at least starting to think about whether Priest's are the no longer needed "Sales rep" part of a religious company e.t.c e.t.c

I would LOVE to see some documentaries on the rates of various mental illnesses amongst small religious communities e.t.c e.t.c

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