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I listened to this live, and got fed up with being told by speaker after speaker that I was, as an "New Atheist" (a term I do not recognise, as I have thought this way for my whole life, that is 45 years now) I lacked the capacity for wonder and had not the imagination to see things on different levels. What a load of old tosh.

The speakers seem to have the ability to know exactly how I would react to new discoveries; apparently this would entail me saying nothing more than “That answers that problem then”.

I would love to invite them round to my place so they could see my reaction every time I look through my scope at such splendours as the Orion Nebula or Saturn, or how I marvel at the distance of the Andromeda Galaxy. Or when I am photographing moths of a morning, I just sit and stare at such beauties as Buff Tip or Elephant Hawk-Moth…Wow!

No , it is obvious to them that because I am outspoken that I lack compassion or an understanding of beauty.

Wed, 22 Sep 2010 08:42:51 UTC | #523221