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I am sure Singapore, a much more progressive country does not have a ban. Hence, you can be sure many educated Malaysians (especially those not of the Muslim faith) can still access a copy of the book by just making a short trip across the causeway.

Hmm.. Singarpore a "much more progressive country"??

It is a place where chewing gums carries a big fine and having oral sex can land you in jail. It is a puritan Confucian country used to be run by a know it all patriarch. The patriarch is formally retired but still refuses to shut up and he is succeeded by his son.

Singerpore does not ban the "new atheists" just because it has no affiliation to any of the Abrahamic faiths. But it has banned many mildly provocative books it deems "immoral" such as "catcher in the rye". Try write a book to attack Confucianism in Hitchen's style and see what happens.

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