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Interesting comment, Marcus Small.

The one aspect about Melville's style of accommodating the religious that was different from your typical accommodationist was that he accepted that vocal and activist atheism has got us to the point of dialogue. The Overton window however needs to be kept open because of the entrenched and privileged aspect of religious beliefs, therefore vocal and not so polite atheists still can play an important role. We are better suited to different roles. That is the point that is so frustrating--vocal atheists would be way more accepting of accommodationists if they would realize what Melville had (except of course, he thinks mistakenly that such an antagonistic style is no longer needed). I have been told myself by several religious believers that they were glad that they are being challenged and that they seek to refine and improve their religious lives, recognizing how disgusting religion has become.

Rowan Williams also needs to interface more significantly with his religious believers, stressing that the politicizing of religion is bogus and is no longer the ethical way to promote religious beliefs.

The dialogue is happening already, just not always in the gentile way that many politenik accommodationists insist.

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