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Consecutive U.K. governments have promised to 'reform'the bishops bench in their manifestos,but once in power have shied away from addressing this preposterous anachronism.These cunning old bastards are therefore at the heart of policy for : yes not just England.In the last labour government,home secretary:Jack Straw continually,when challenged, pledged to reform the upper house.Of course in reality he did nothing.He was asked on B.B.C.current affairs programme 'Question Time' that if and when he ever did enact any reform would the bishops bench be dispensed with?His reply was 'No this is one of the pillars of our demcoracy and the lords spiritual add a very special quality to the deliberations of the upper house!' Absolute horseshit of course but he managed to get away with it for many years.The present band of craven pseudo-Anglican twats will no doubt show a similar unwillingness to act. Pass the sick bag.

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