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The problem with religion is that it IS always political. It, by its very proselytising nature, seeks to infiltrate itself into the laws of the land, indeed to formulate those laws based on its belief structure, paramount to its existence.

I think Grayling’s ability to actually articulate coherently human history and its development gives him a wider vision than I can hope to attain without some help.

I do think that atheists/humanists/secularists and etc must, eventually, form themselves into more political lobby groups at least; political parties more importantly. It is no good to merely talk about issues that affect us all.

The more literature that is published of the sort that modern philosophers, like Grayling, espouse the more people will read such works. Gone are the days of philosophical obscurantism. It is now desperately important that we understand what sort of crossroads we stand at.

There is no point in understanding Grayling unless you see him as a political person – as are we all. He, Richard, Hitchens and a growing number of others are becoming intent on the fracturing of religious political and civil privilege.

Every time I turn around, I gnash my teeth at some other precious privilege that religion has garnered for itself and entrenched its bottom into – virtually unmoveable.

It is the massive upheaval of these privileges that has to be undertaken in order for societies to move forward. That is, if indeed, we should make it through the next set of mires that confront us.

We are the lucky ones; we have the wherewithal to actually organise and begin to effect change. There are no more burnings at the stake. It is the poor and sorry state of the Africas of the world that are ineradicably caught in pernicious religion. Unless and until secular countries grasp the opportunity to outstrip the religions and provide these sorry states with what they need – education and an appreciation of the history of the world writ large, inequality will always be the beacon for religions to slip themselves into the everyday lives of the disadvantaged.

So, sunbeanforjeebus, where is the lobby group that will apply pressure to the government to change the upper house? Is there a concerted plan of attack?

We certainly have enough in numbers to apply ourselves to various prongs of attack to the political status quo.

I really don’t care about religion so long as its claws are sheathed in public and political life. And that’s what we need to achieve.

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