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Schrodinger’s Cat. I have never needed religion, superstition or fantasy except with the sure knowledge that I am indulging for a short while in fantasy.

In my twenties, I was chary of demolishing religious belief structures because I was sensitive to:

‘what do you replace the void with?’

‘Scuttle the carpet and what is left to stand stable on?’

'What will I wipe the tears away with – a tissue or a shroud?’

‘Oh – I have been successful at removing meaning in his/her life. What shall I replace it with?’

‘Oh. coca cola is no longer available – how about thirst quenching water?’

See, I have never had a problem with living my life without religion so after my twenties I became less precious. Now I tend to say:

‘Stop whining – you are alive! How good is that!!’

The Chinese have a saying: May you live in interesting times. And we do, inevitably and always. It was the first of three supposed curses.

Interesting concepts. The ancient Chinese were a philosophical lot with an eye to politics and self-preservation.

You have to know I was in the UWA Student Refectory during these momentous conversations; usually over fried rice and coffee. Better fare than the majority of inhabitants on this globe, even at that time (50 years ago).

It did give me pause to consider that if we all had to hoe the paddock and eat only what we could produce, then religion would have stayed in the animism stage. Lack of reflective time, you see.

That is where it should have remained. So Schrodinger, fret not. People are tough – deluded yes, but tough.

My life most certainly is not meaningless – it is just that its meaning dies with me and why not? I leave behind a few words, a few assets for others to squabble over, why should it be different for anyone else?

Why would I want to live forever in some place where every person since evolution brought forth the first Homo sapiens abides. How revolting; I feel sure that religious people believing in a heaven don’t really consider what that actually means.

So – it's not hard to disabuse those ready to think; always impossible to reason with those unable to think.

Why should that stop me, you or anyone else from trying to introduce reason to others? Burst the bubble? Why not – several of my earlier, youthful and romantic bubbles were burst – I cried but keep on living and enjoying my one and only life.

Cheers V

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