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I have only recently learned of Dr Grayling's existence, of which I've decided I most heartily approve.

I would advance the notion amongst the Christian communities, that the Bible as delivered by the Nicene Council is flagrantly heretical, that Paul was the Antichrist, that Jehovah should have been forever demoted to the Chaos creature 'He' actually is....

I cite the Nag Hammadi scripture as a source. I am naturally biased toward it, as it neatly and sweetly vindicates my summary objection to the Bible. Lifelong Christians are justifiably reluctant to discard their Saviour. Thus, in compensation, I invite their attention to the Gospel of Thomas.

Finding that agreeable, the reader might find the Apocryphon of John and the Hypostasis of the Archons more than entertaining.

NB. The 'aeons' business is dreadfully confusing if taken literally.

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