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Any thoughts on my favourite heretic of them all, Marcion?

Marcion taught that the God of the Jews was an evil, demonic tyrant, and that Jesus had come to liberate us from his tyranny! He alleged that apostolic succession is an invalid concept, since the Gospels show us that the disciples were so damn stupid that any church based on their teachings must be erronious! He wrote a book of great value to atheists everywhere, the "Antitheses", a list of clear contradictions between the Old Testament and the Gospels, to demonstrate that the god of Jesus and the god of Judaism were incompatible. What a guy!

Incidentally, if you really want an eye-popping read (and aren't shocked by grotesque sexual stuff) check out "The Great Questions of Mary", my favourite lost Christian document, and one that any modern Chrisian would find massively offensive.

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