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I always enjoy an intelligent trip through history and do realize that the "Age of Darkness" would equally be tagged, "The Age of Blind Faith," with accent on the word "Blind."

Still, I found this paragraph to be the most enlightening: "Indeed the single largest factor that keeps the antique faiths of the world in existence is the proselytisation of the young. While we think as we do about what is acceptable in the way of parents’ rights over children, and what children can therefore be made to believe while they are intellectually defenceless in their earliest years, we need the robust and vociferous counterblast of arguments against religion on all three fronts of metaphysics, secularism and ethics, in the hope of rescuing as many as possible from the prison-house of religious belief, and liberating them into the sunlit uplands of free thinking, open minds, a vigorous sense of personal responsibility for their values and actions, a clear-eyed vision of the world, and an interest in participating in the great adventure of finding out more about it."

If you think of religion as being a virus and needing a living organism to replicate and survive, you can better understand how religion continues to infect generation after generation. And the fact that it replicates through intentional infections by parents and society does not change the fact that it resembles a virus in that respect.

Some even insist that the infection is symbiotic, that regardless of the death, destruction, and ignorance involved, religion benefits more than it injures. Which, to me, is a stupid argument argument of the first order and makes such intentional infection a crime against children and humanity. I suppose you could use the same argument for any infectious virus, some survive and some perish.

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