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I am so depressed by Collins taking this stance.

It is not as though Collins doesn't know what stance Hitchens takes. Why does he do this thing?

I am like Jerry Coyne - keep it to yourself, Collins. No one needs to know this stuff on The Washington Post or anywhere. I know I am not supposed to be offended - sometimes, like now, I have difficulty in using any other word to describe the way I feel.

Damn you, Collins. There was no need for this. So why did you do it? You are still the silly religite witnessing for your silly god figure. Right? You have to ensure that you get lollies from god. Why are you playing the geneticist? No, don't answer that!! Mere drivel which would make me scream.

You are a grown up man, Collins. You are a geneticist Collins; well, at least, you are a good administrator of a scientific research programme. How many researchers and their students actually produced the results. Not you so much, eh, Collins? You know there is no need for this bullshit. Why do you continue in this?

How childish can your emotional life be? How bereft of logic can your mental processes be?

Gosh, golly, sheesh, any expletive that isn't one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sun, 26 Sep 2010 18:57:34 UTC | #525290