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It seems a great time to revisit Sam Harris' devastating review of Collins' book, the Language of God.

Francis Collins—physical chemist, medical geneticist and head of the Human Genome Project—has written a book entitled "The Language of God." In it, he attempts to demonstrate that there is "a consistent and profoundly satisfying harmony" between 21st-century science and evangelical Christianity. To say that he fails at his task does not quite get at the inadequacy of his efforts. He fails the way a surgeon would fail if he attempted to operate using only his toes. His failure is predictable, spectacular and vile. "The Language of God" reads like a hoax text, and the knowledge that it is not a hoax should be disturbing to anyone who cares about the future of intellectual and political discourse in the United States.

If Collins had any sense, he would see that a person who has established himself as a public face of science is being profoundly irresponsible, as well as profoundly embarrassing, in flaunting his belief in childish superstitions at every chance he gets.

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