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Comment 10 by Paula Kirby :

I’m not sure what this means, but I hope Collins isn’t praying for Hitch to see the light and ask God for wisdom. I'm afraid that's exactly what it means. It's arrogant and it's patronising, and in Hitch's place I would show him the door faster than he could say 'frozen waterfall'.

I agree. At least Collins isn't hoisting himself with the patard of 'if I pray to God Christopher will MAAAGICALLY get better'. What I'd like to see is him doing his praying in front of Mr Hitchens, looking at his impassive, unmoved and rational face, observe how he doesn't automatically go into remission, and how neither of them have an epiphany as to how to reverse metastasis and stop cancer in its tracks. I would much rather Collins did his job, which will do people in Hitchens' condition (in the future, regrettably enough) than loafing around praying will. Given the opportunity.

Sun, 26 Sep 2010 20:44:57 UTC | #525351