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Brilliant as always

Richard you are the hero of my world for years now but i wish you would.......

Stop using the word science in a way that makes it sound religious. You have such a perfect way with words but being a scientist and talking about 'Science'; as in science this and science that, and, if science cant prove something then religion can't etc.

I, and everyone here gets what you saying.... but religious people will never get it and in their world it makes science sound dogmatic, and elitist.

I love the 1st chapter of Bad Science where Ben Goldacre make it clear.

Anyone can do an experiment, science is nothing more then 'The best method we have' anyone can have to find out if anything is true, its really simple and anyone can use it.

Would it not be a good tact?

To make this really clear at all times??? It's an easy simple method, you, (creationist etc) can use to find out if something is true. Anyone can use this it.

Rather then use the term science, use scientific method.

Has help me corner irrational people in the past and I have a tiny fraction of the debating skills you do :)

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