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Comment 5 by RestlessDeviant

I agree, it was a brilliant interview.

However, I'd like to disagree with you (and perhaps Goldacre?)

Anyone can do an experiment, science is nothing more then 'The best method we have' anyone can have to find out if anything is true, its really simple and anyone can use it.

I think science is more than that. I think it's the only method we have to find out if anything is true about reality. In contrast to much I have read about the philosophy of science, I think science is very simple indeed. To me, science is nothing more than recognising that our minds are flawed and fallible, and we try not to be fooled; one single test against an assumed objective reality can disprove the beliefs of a billion minds.

Even if magic existed, we would need science. If we all live in a simulation, we would need science, if we are all the dream of a God, we would need science.

Science is perhaps the single greatest accomplishment of our species.

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