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Steve Zara & Quine

I agree with you, best = only in the context i was using it as well, & without a shadow of a doubt perhaps the greatest accomplishment of our species.

Richard is, in my opinion, the best educator of science on the planet. He always a pure delight to listen to, no matter how many times I have seen/listened to him before.

That was not really the point of my post though.

It's about the way irrational, anti science people hear the word "Science"

With religious, alternative, mystic kind of people which I take on for debate if ever they are willing(!) it pretty much winds up that their belief is:

Science = Scientist

I think this a a huge barrier to break down.

When Richard says "If Science can't prove it then religion certainly can't, what 'they' hear is,

Scientist's are arrogant, elitist, fallible, have an ad-gender, influenced.... Zone out brain shut down. (Incidentally of course though, they are not wrong about some of those things)

I personally find it valuable, just wherever possible, not to term 'science' in these situations. Establish it at as a method i.e not just for scientists, but that anyone can use, and refer as such. It just a slight change of words to get the same message across.

I have heard Richard say exactly these things before in talks, establishing quickly and concisely as 'a method' it's not my idea! I just wish he would use the phrase more sometimes!

I think it worth a consciousness raising drive :)

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