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When George was a child he lived near a zoo. And that zoo had lots of trails at the time. In otherwords, it wasn't just a place to visit animals on display; it was a place for walking and taking in the beauty of the landscape.

On one of these trails, in the middle, stood a sapling that George took a special interest in. This little tree apparently looked like it needed some TLC so George took it upon himself to bring a cup of water to it regularly. He was very determined to do this.

This went on for some time until one day, with his customary cup of water being carefully carried, George came upon the tree only to find it had been trampled. All we know is that George was deeply upset over this. Even as a child, his love for the natural world precluded George from understanding why someone would do such a thing.

Thank you, RDF, for the continued kind words of remembrance.

(This story is being written as retold by George's sister to her granddaughter).

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