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Good Q&A. The only thing I might call Dawkins out on is that he doesn't really acknowledge enough how exceptional human intelligence is. At one point, he says "the brain power of chimpanzees is high, though not so high as ours". This is almost disingenuous, even if by accident. Human intelligence is dramatically higher than any other species, including a chimp. A chimp's intelligence doesn't even rival that of a stupid human infant. Our speech, ability for abstract thought, social skills, and ability to reason are utterly superior. The exceptional nature of human intelligence is worth highlighting, lest it be suggested that we're trying to claim that chimps are kind of 50% as intelligent or something. :-) In fact, it's funny that creationists always pick on the eye as an example of that which is too complex to have evolved. I'd pick the human brain... that IS pretty tough to explain.

Wed, 06 Oct 2010 14:57:19 UTC | #529900