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I am concerned that this forum is going on a bash a religion (mostly Christian) crusade.

Who cares if they choose to have blind faith? and fly planes into buildings, hold your Government accountable for not protecting you.

Who cares if they tend to press their ideology onto the uneducated or ill informed? let them use the excuse of missionary zeal, whatever, but do hold them accountable for the spread of aids throughout Africa by denying the uneducated the use of condoms.

Who cares if they will not listen to reason? you will never convince them, they have to find their own way, lead by example.

I have a notion that the vociferous religion bashers are still trying to justify their own reasons for leaving whatever faith they were in, move on! you are bigger than that, you have accepted that FAITH is not enough to sustain the myth.

I'm not a US citizen or US resident, never been there, but offer this advice, as a litigenous nation, sue the pants off the military, if that floats your boat, otherwise, again, Who cares? move on.

There are more worrying issues at stake.

Personally I am wondering if I am Agnostic, Ignostic or Athiest. I have been a lapsed Catholic since I was about fourteen, I am nearly sixty now. My family all still practise and we have debates from time to time, I don't bash their belief but expect them to respect by disbelief and that should be that.

Let's rather discuss Ig/Agnostisisim and or Atheism and leave Religion out of the equation. as it simply vex's any reasonable discussion.

Rather spend time searching for the 'Missing Links' prove the theory beyond doubt. Lee Berger has just put another link in the chain and there are plenty more to be found.

These are exciting times, you don't have to bog yourself down with self doubt, useless arguing, or grudge bearing, do something constructive to justify your beliefs.

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