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There are more worrying issues at stake. Personally I am wondering if I am Agnostic, Ignostic or Athiest. I have been a lapsed Catholic since I was about fourteen, I am nearly sixty now. My family all still practise and we have debates from time to time, I don't bash their belief but expect them to respect by disbelief and that should be that.

Ok, I can understand how that situation might be more personally immediate and worrying, for you.

But seriously? That sentiment follows soon after:

Who cares if they choose to have blind faith? and fly planes into buildings, hold your Government accountable for not protecting you.

Like I said... I understand that it's personally more distressing, but in your (nearly) 46 years of being an atheist, did you never stop to ask why your family's faith wasn't a little rattled? And why the world is full of fundamentalist oppression?

Personally I don't care if my family are willing idiots, but if people are being killed/raped/tortured/ostracised etc. because of other idiots, and I'm the only one who can be arsed giving those people the help they need, I feel damn well obliged to do my part. You don't have to change your life; but don't get in my way or you'll wish there was a merciful omnipotent being who cared about you. I think that's the general sentiment. It also follows that enabling the criminals I would like to stop (by validating their faith and their motives) is getting in my way.

Also I get the distinct impression that you didn't read the full post. If you have not, I recommend you go back and do so before you post further. If you have I apologise and am further perplexed by your comment.

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