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Hey Tony, that is the question I was asking, yes. Thank you for answering it. I believe it's very relevant to this forum, because I'm trying to understand why people think they should act in certain ways that are intended by our creator if the creator is, by definition, incomprehensible.

However, as Christians we believe as historical fact that Christ rose from the dead and that he was therefore who he said he was, the son of God. We also believe as historical fact that he performed miracles and preached.

If you "believe" it because there's no evidence to suggest otherwise, that is not a good reason to think of it as a "historical fact". By calling it a fact, you are overindulging in grandiose assumptions and putting too much credence in your own, and others', judgement; ie "faith."

We therefore seek to model our lives as best we can to his preaching.

All of his preachings??

Being only human, of course, we fail miserably but the important thing is to try.

Seems convenient, but for the sake or argument, why is it important to try?

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