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I've never been religious as such, as in, I've never been a church goer or followed any particular dogma. but I grew up in the 70's and went to a CofE church primary school (for no other reason than it was the school at the top of the road). So I had always had a vague sense of god as it was always as though it was just taken as read. But over the last few years I have finally exorcised any trace of such supersistions which may have been lurking in the back of my sub-conscience. I remember having a book as a child about eveolution so I have always belived that and not creationism which, even as a child I thought sounded too far fetched. So I don't think consciously becoming athiest was that hard for me unlike how I imagine it would be for a devotely religious person.

But I can still empathize with how it feels to give up on any sense of an afterlife and when I did I went through a sort of grieving process (which I came out the other end of). It wasn't so much thinking of me not existing anymore becasue if I don't I'll have no experience of it so it won't matter to me, as there will be no me. But the thought of my loved ones no longer existing isn't a pleasant thought.

But it does mean you make the most of your time with them while here and stop putting things off until tomorrow because there may not be one. So the pay off is worth it and ultimately...liberating.

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