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Well I don't know if you can use it to assist in root canal work, but you can use it to get rid of AIDS, apparently.

This from the great man on his website:


Is taking MMS IV much more efficient than drinking it? Should I stop taking my medication for HIV? Posted by: admin in AIDS, HIV, Intravenously (IV), MMS General, tags: AIDS, HIV virus, Intravenous treatment, iv, medications, vomit

Please treat me as your son and tell me what best should I do to get rid of this HIV virus. Would you tell me to stop my three drugs medication and when? Is it ok to overlap MMS with current medication? Should I take MMS IV if it’s much more efficient than drinking it? Stopping medication is a big decision for me to make as I always felt to rely on them in order to live. Please help me with your experience and testimonials.


MMS IV is much more effective than taking by mouth. Stop the drugs immediately. HIV is not dangerous. It does not cause AIDS. What causes AIDS is the drugs that you are taking, each one is extremely poisonous. That causes AIDS. The vomiting was a good sign. It means you body is getting rid of bad stuff. It takes a certain amount of courage to stop the drugs, but you really know that they are bad, and that they will not help you live longer. Just depend on the MMS as it is a thousand times better. Read the MMS data a few times. See the logic. Ask yourself that is not more logical that taking poisons. Visit for the MMS book and DVD and for more info.

Thankfully, and at last, a cure for AIDS.


EDIT: If it can work for Heroin addiction then we may yet avoid the cost of sterilisation.

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