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I can understand selling water as medicine, i.e. homeopathy. The motive is profit. But why sell bleach as medicine? It shows both hatred and contempt for people who have Crohn's disease.

I was about to post something like this. It suggests to me that the people selling it might actually believe it works. Otherwise, why not just sell something harmless? Also, it would probably be even cheaper to make if there were nothing much in it.

The next logical step is to have the bottle completely empty. In fact why stop there? Simply have the carton on its own. The space inside the carton will 'remember' the bottle and the virtual bottle will 'remember' the virtual emptiness that contained the virtual bleach.

And why stop even there? Eliminate the carton and just have space. The space will 'remember' the carton, and so on. In this way enormous wealth can be accumulated from inculcating a belief in nothing, and if this is suggestive of religion it is entirely deliberate. People can, do, and always will believe in anything. Just tap into the psychological need and there you have it.

I honestly think that atheism as a consumer product is not serving the psychological need market as well as it might. Since both atheism and religion are essentially 'nothings' in the manner I described above, it is just a question of marketing. If atheism were packaged as cleverly as the religions package their psychological-need product then market share would increase proportionately. Think on it.

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