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Comment 26 by Kiwi :

A religious predator is a person who attempts to instil in children a religious belief, who cuts them off from other ways of thinking, and attempts to suppress or mislead their critical faculties, or a person who grooms them for others who will try to perform these tasks, or a person who intentionally enables religious predation.

I think many religious parents also fall into this category, so don't let this definition get into the media!

Why not ? I thought that was the idea, to point out that there is a huge difference between religious education and religious indoctrination. Parents are often the cause of introducing delusional beliefs to their children. They do have a right, or so I understand, under the declaration of human rights, to do this, but why not make the point that there are very good arguments against it on the basis of both the child's "right" to truth and the child's "right" to make up its own mind. Just because a parent thinks they are doing a good thing by telling their children they will not actually die one day, because someone was tortured 2000 years ago in their name, does not make it so.

We call parents that sexually abuse their children sexual predators.

It used to be unmentionable, and a crime that often went unpublished. It changed significantly when it became possible to call the abusers out for what they are.

And if I have to get labelled as a gnu atheist then so be it.

The chaplaincy program in Oz, pushed by the International Scripture Union is a vehicle for religious predators. There is no mitigation there. Their stated goal is to get to "the unchurched". These guys are winning and being polite is not going to hold them back. We are dealing with school administrations happy to be religious predators. We are dealing with governments happy to fund religious predators for votes. We have the predators running around saying Oz is a christian nation and so we should stop complaining. We are being slowly baked into a theocracy and the average Australian doesn't know its happening because "its not the kind of thing we talk about".

Nope, if speaking out about this is loud, shrill and rude then I'm going to be loud, shrill and rude on this one.

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