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"Is it accurate when the media portrays the atheist movement as a club for old white men?"

The anti-atheist agenda among the media will resort to anything to propagate their hate and propaganda. The new justification is 'consensus' because there are so many anti-atheist articles written, that now forms a consensus from which to write yet more anti-atheist articles.

What makes this comparison so absurd is the track record for hatred against women among religions. Women are second-class citizens as portrayed in the Koran and the Bible. Women are considered unclean and practically evil in both religions too.

Calling new atheism a 'white' movement is really a kind of reverse racism and bigotry that isn't even supported in reality. It is part of a desperate and pathetic smear campaign because what new atheists have to say can't be argue against with reason or facts.

Thu, 04 Nov 2010 15:32:54 UTC | #542603