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Comment 10 by Nunbeliever :

Where are all the (prolific) atheist women? I think this in a way a strange question. Where are all the female religious leaders? Where are all the female leading scientists? Where are all the female leading politicians? Where are all the female leading intellectuals? Where are all the female business leaders... the list could go on and on. The sad fact is that white middle-aged men more or less rule the world. At least the western world. The reason why there are not that many prolific female atheists out there is the same reason as why there aren't that many prolific female persons in positions of power out there in general.

Of course a rational movement like the atheist movement ought to be, in my opinion, forerunners when it comes to promoting gender equality. Still, atheist live in the same society as others.

I totally agree. I don't know if women are raised to be that way or if it's something biological that makes them less ambitious in those directions of life. My hunch is that it's way more of cultural/oppressive influence, considering that in countries such as Sweden, where gender equality is actually enforced and acknowledged at one of the highest levels of any country in the world, you actually get as many women CEOs leading giant corporations as men.

(Sweden btw is also the most atheist country in the world - at around 80% - also on of the healthiest in terms of social structure and standard of living)

Whatever other women want to do with their lives is up to them. I will definitely strive to be a leader in my field at least.

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